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Audience Engagement through Social Video

Vimix is the first 360°ree; video engagement toolkit that makes it easy to collect, organize, moderate and share videos - so you can easily manage and analyze results in one place.

Vimix streamlines video content management, curation & distribution to grow your brand and engage your audience

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Showcase your videos in style and get started quickly by curating videos from YouTube.

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Features you'll actually use.

Collect videos in your library, distribute your videos everywhere, and analyze results in one place.

Video Contests

Generate and moderate video reviews and stories from your audience, integrated within your social, web or email marketing.

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Curate Social Videos

Easily research and share existing content from YouTube around your brand, products, services and topics.

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Scheduled Distribution

Share native or curated videos on social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter on a schedule and analyze results in one place.

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Manage Video Library

Create rules to sort your content into episodic series, channel collections, or embedded site widgets.

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Branded Video Sites

Create a branded video portal with multiple ways to display your content online for SEO and Inbound Marketing.

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Video Analytics

Collect distributed analytics and viewer insights from your shared videos to understand video attention and to plan your content roadmap.

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All-in-one web software for video hosting, management, distribution, and analytics.

  • "I create fitness videos and was not sure how to go about marketing. With Vimix I was up and running with a few hours" 
    Ben Lefort
    Founder and Fitness Trainer, No Days Off Productions
  • “Vimix helped us create our brand presence quickly with a mix of curated and our own content. Now that we can see what our audience wants, we can create our own content with little guesswork.”
    Allison McAtee
  • One of my top priorities is to keep my social channels filled in with relevant content. The way Vimix improves the end-to-end workflow for video, its amazing"
    Ellyn Winters-Robinson, Ignition
    President & CMO at Ignition Communications Inc.

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